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Sharing my knowledge, story and expertise is something that I love doing through speaking at events, one on one trainings, in-house events and virtual trainings.

I wear different hats as either:

  • Keynote speaker 
  • Moderator
  • Event Chair
  • Panelist

What You’ll Get During This Free Discovery Call

The free discovery call is an introductory call to understand my expertise and the needs or requirements of the organisation booking me. 

Before the Call

Submit all your details before the call. This includes:

  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Event type
  • Expected Role
  • Remuneration

During the Call

Deep dive discussion based on information submitted at initial stage.

The call will be used to review the expectations vs my expertise, and therefore gauge if these match.

After the Call

Decision making on go-no-go based on the deep dive conversation.

Terms and contracts will be emailed if both parties agree to proceed. 

My General Terms 

Time is of the absolute essence, and I use mine wisely and intentionally by involving myself and working with organisations that are aligned with my values and ethics.

Paid vs Pro Bono(Free)  Speaking.

Simple Method

My terms are very simple. However, each speaking request is reviewed individually.

Commercial entities = Paid 

Non-commercial = Pro Bono or Paid

Partners = Pro Bono

Charity Organisations = Pro Bono

Educational Institutions = Pro Bono or Paid

Informal Groups = Pro Bono

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